What exactly is Nesting Together?

12 July, 2022

For a long time, my dream was to open a store dedicated to helping expectant parents navigate the never-ending options of all the things needed to prepare to bring a child home. When the world began to change, and ecommerce & big box retailers became (or at least seemed like) the only viable options, I realized that families were being short-changed and decided to pivot on that dream and enter this space in a new way.

Nesting Together is your ultimate guide to starting down the path of parenthood. Our goal is to make the transition of bringing home your newest family member as seamless and stress free as possible; and to ease that transition in a supportive, judgement-free and inclusive space. We provide comfort, on your time and your terms.

There are so many paths to parenthood, and whether your journey starts with a belly, newborn, toddler or pre-K, we want to help get families and their spaces ready for that addition.

We have researched extensively and our catalog of assorted “current best” products is updated constantly. Whether you are in the market for the newborn stage or beyond, Nesting Together is a trusted resource. The recommendations that we provide are different for each family. Are you preparing for a newborn, multiples, sibling sets, toddlers? Are you a minimalist, budget conscious, trendy, only want “the best,” live in cold/hot weather…? Every child & family is different, and every preparation is unique.

First, we meet to learn at little bit about each other and then the fun begins. We can review a registry you have already created and make adjustments, or provide recommendations based on your specific needs. We can be your “personal shopper” and curate a registry start to finish, providing feedback from start to finish. We’ll give you a “shopping” list of items, reasons why we chose them and links to everything recommended. Need more time to consult? We’re there.

As a certified car seat safety technician, we can also offer in-person or virtual tutorials on the safest way to use and install your car seat. We want to give you the knowledge and power to make the best decision on car seat selection and use, so you can feel confident every time you buckle up!

We are here to answer your all your questions on what you actually need (and don’t!), so you don’t spend hours scrolling through the infinite list of options. We narrow it down for you, and help you choose what is best for your family – and hopefully save you a little money from wasting on the things you don’t need!