About Me

14 July, 2022

Hi – I’m Sam Smith (the one behind Nesting Together)!

I wanted to share a little bit about myself and my reason for creating Nesting Together. My favorite and most important title is Mom (or as my littles say, “Mama”). I am an adoptive mama, a NICU mama and a rainbow mama. I am an IVF warrior and a wife. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt. A dreamer and a planner.

My first job after college was in a boutique baby store in SoHo, Manhattan. About a decade before I became a mom, I worked with expectant parents and their loved ones to help them prepare for their next journey – parenthood. I assisted hundreds of clients with registry curation, product comparisons, safety demonstrations, assembly and installations, the list goes on. Almost every new parent that walked through that door had the same look on their faces, overwhelmed and scared. Knowing they were walking away feeling much more prepared and ready to tackle this new adventure (and I was a part of it!) was an incredibly rewarding feeling. A feeling that has never left me.

Years passed and I went on to build a career as a Merchandise Planner, got married, relocated to Tampa, experienced infertility, completed two adoption journeys, bringing home two babies of my own, and I’m now doing my absolute best at raising two toddlers. But my desire to open a baby store never faded, even as the world changed. Brick and mortar declined, while ecommerce continued to grow and we slowly lost a much needed connection and support of someone at your side, assisting you through this journey. Can you truly feel like you chose the best car seat, stroller, crib, mattress, high chair (and on, and on) when the options go on and on and on, and you’re the only one scrolling? Is the “best-seller” really the “best” option for you?

I want to bring back that lost connection by supporting you. I’ve done the research, over and over again. I’ve followed this industry for over a decade, watching it grow and innovate. I can provide you the support and education for this next phase of life, judgment free, no matter your path to parenthood. And most importantly…. I want to.