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Growing a modern family is both thrilling and overwhelming. What makes a carseat the “best”? Is the top-selling stroller the ideal fit for my lifestyle? How do I tell my friends and family how to help when I don’t yet know what to do myself? We’ve done the research, and we want to share our knowledge with you in a supportive, judgment-free and inclusive space! We can help soothe your overwhelm and save your energy for the excitement to come!


What We Provide

We've curated various service packages, but tell us what YOU need and we will deliver. Whether it's a little bit of everything or a particular area of importance (hello, car seat safety!), we can help!

  • Expectant Parent Planning

    No matter your path to parenthood, Nesting Together is here to help you prepare for your newest arrival. Whether it’s car seat education, gear selection or building your registry from start to finish, we can provide you with the best options personalized to your lifestyle!

  • Car Seat Safety and Education

    As a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, we want to give you the knowledge and confidence every time you buckle up! We’ll help you select and master the best car seat for your needs.

  • Gear Consultation

    We’ve picked out all the gear, now when and how do you use all of this? Nesting Together provides education and tutorials on everything we recommend so you can have peace of mind and rest easy.

  • Nursery Design and Optimization

    Nesting Together helps you plan, design and layout your nursery in the most efficient way. Late night feedings and diaper changes just became a little bit easier now that you’ve optimized your space!


Build Your Nest

Registry Review

  • Lifestyle Survey
  • 30 min Consultation
  • Registry Checklist
  • Registry Updates and Recommendations with Shopping Links

Registry Curation

  • Lifestyle Survey
  • 45 min Consultation
  • Registry Checklist
  • Registry Creation Start to Finish with Shopping Links

Car Seat Safety

  • Assessment Survey
  • 15 min Consultation
  • Personalized Car Seat Recommendations
  • 60 minute in Person or Virtual Installation Tutorial
  • Troubleshooting & Questions Answered

Nursery Design and Optimization

  • Room & Style Survey
  • 3 Mood Board Options
  • Final Mood Board with Product Links
  • Design Layout
  • Organization Tips and Product Recommendations

If you don't need it all

Feel free to choose from our a la carte offerings. Don't see what you're looking for? Let's chat and find a solution.

Nest Egg

Gifts cards available in $25 increments

$25$250 Purchase

Empty Nest

Have gently used gear you don’t know what to do with? Nesting Together accepts donations and works with local charities for monthly drop offs! Currently only accepting local pickup and drop offs.

Our System

How do we Nest Together

Step 1  

Research & Education

We've done the research. Let us be your personal search engine!

Step 2  

Share Your Dreams

Let's chat about your lifestyle and needs.

Step 3  

Make Your Dream a Reality

Now let's make a plan for your growing family.

Step 4  

Peace of Mind

You've dreamt it. We've planned it. It's time for you to enjoy the journey.


The Nests We've Built Together

I’m a first-time mom pregnant with twins (surprise!) so I was a little overwhelmed when it came to making my registry. I had read some guides online and looked at what websites suggested but there were so many options. Working with Samantha was absolutely amazing! She studied my rough draft of a registry and gave me personalized tips on what to add, change, and remove along with reasons why, which was super helpful. She also gave me her own checklist which was much more comprehensive than all the others I found online. I couldn’t recommend Nesting Together anymore!


Samantha rescued me with my surprise third pregnancy. With a 16 year age gap between my first and third baby, the abundance of new baby gear on the market was completely overwhelming. I found car shopping easier than picking out a stroller. Samantha put together a registry that was practical, budget conscious and useful. Everything that was purchased for our little girl was used and needed.


Peace of mind. I'm currently pregnant with my 2nd baby. Even though I have done the baby stage once before, Samantha has helped me immensely. First, she did a car seat check on my toddler's seat. She not only identified a few opportunities for improvement, she fixed on the spot and provided great consultation regarding car seat safety. For my newborn, she offered to help with installation and conduct a fit check via video chat once he arrives before I leave the hospital - talk about peace of mind! Looking back at hospital photos, I know I did it wrong with my first. This time, I'll have the expert help me, and both my kids will be safe in the car! Thank you Samantha!


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Let's Plan to make a Plan

We know all about the gear, we want to learn more about you. Let's start personalizing.


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